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The Simple Checklist for Storm Damage Claims in Hidalgo County

Damaged house roof with missing shingles after hurricane Ian in Florida. Consequences of natural disaster

Storm damage can turn a homeowner’s life upside down; trying to accommodate and protect your family, assess and repair the damage, submit a claim, balance finances, and the many other tasks that come from storms and often associated damage. The national risk index in Hidalgo County is relatively high, especially regarding, amongst others, hail, hurricanes, riverine flooding, and tornadoes. The annual loss and social vulnerability are high with this risk, and community resilience is very low due to severe storms. Proactive preparedness is a natural reaction when people live in an area with hazardous weather. Many resources and guidelines are available on how to prepare for a storm and stay in contact with authorities during a storm,  as well as other resources available on what to do. This article will provide information and a brief to-do list after the storm before submitting your claim for storm damages.

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Review your Home Insurance

It is essential to regularly ensure your home insurance is up to date and what it covers. Be aware of possible hazardous weather conditions in Hidalgo County that could lead to potential damage to your property. The National Weather Service provides forecasts, past weather, safety, and other information. Always be proactive and prepare yourself. Governor Greg Abbott announced a disaster declaration for residents in Hidalgo County in 2023 to help people impacted move forward and rebuild. An online tool was made available for residents to report damage. Pay attention to deductible amounts on your policy, coverage limits, and specific requirements. Before filing a claim, you have to understand the policy to navigate the claim process more efficiently. The Texas Department of Insurance has several resources to help you get the best information before buying home insurance. If you need clarification on the legal jargon in a contract, it is advisable to visit attorneys in your area who are experts in storm damage claims. Their support and knowledge can help you fully understand your coverage and rights, ensuring you’re prepared for any storms that come your way.  With support and knowledge you can face the storms that come your way, knowing you are covered and have backup with people who will fight for you when necessary and win!

Document the damage

After a storm, your first instinct may be to clean up. However, once ensuring everyone’s safety, it’s crucial to inspect your property and identify the damage. The next step is to document the damage to your property thoroughly. This documentation will serve as vital evidence for  your insurance claim and aid in the recovery process,

  • Take close-up photographs of every spot where there is damage. The more detailed, the better. Include dates and times with the photographs. If you have pictures of the same areas before, they can serve as comparative tools.
  • Take videos to show the extent of the damage from different angles.
  • Record all affected areas, including detailed ceilings, walls, furniture, and belongings descriptions with damage.
  • Make temporary repairs, like covering broken windows with plastic sheets, to prevent further damage. Do not attempt significant repairs until the insurance adjuster has evaluated your property. Walking through the property with the adjuster to indicate the damage is advisable. Keep all receipts of temporary fixes to be reimbursed under the policy.

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Contact your insurance company

Once you have documented the damage and reviewed your policy, contact your insurance company to initiate the claims process immediately. Complete the necessary forms and view your policy to see if there is a limited window for reporting storm damage. Obtain many estimates with detailed repair costs, including labor, material, and necessary permits. Provide the insurance company with estimates and detailed information about the damage, including all your evidence from photographs, videos, and additional descriptions. Be prepared to answer any questions they may have about your claim and the incident.

Consider legal advice from experts

The insurance claim might be denied, or the payment offer might be much lower than the estimate needed to repair all the damage. You do not deserve to be underpaid or denied when a valid policy covers you. Getting Palker Law’s Storm Claim Lawyers to take on your claim would be best. Do not converse with the insurance company; leave it to the experts to fight your battle   – and win! A win for Parker Law Firm is not turning a denial into an approval but ensuring you get every dollar and cent you are owed.

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Keep detailed records

Throughout the claim process, keep detailed records of all communication with your insurance company and other parties involved. Note the date, time, and content of phone calls, emails, and written correspondence.

Dealing with storm damage can be stressful and overwhelming. A clear plan provides the steps you need to take to ease the process. With Parker Law Firm on your side, you can relax and leave it to experts to get you fair compensation so you can focus on getting your home in tip-top condition, stress-free, and efficiently. Contact Parker Law Firm today and be prepared for any hazardous weather coming your way with expert advice and support.