Palker Law Firm Raises Minimum Wage to $17.68 Per Hour

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(Edinburg, TX, 7/13/23) Palker Law Firm, a prominent player in the storm damage law sector headquartered in the Rio Grande Valley, is proud to announce that it has raised its minimum wage for all new hires from $15 to $17.68 per hour. This change will be effective from Monday, July 17, onwards.

“When I founded this firm, I took an oath to myself that everyone working at our firm, serving our clients, will never be shackled by the necessity to work multiple jobs, rely on food stamps, or face the grim threat of homelessness,” said owner and principal attorney, Jason Palker. “Dignity is a birthright, not a privilege, and no one clocking in a full-time shift should ever have to grapple with the fear of uncertainty over their next meal.”

Palker Law Firm’s headquarters resides in the Rio Grande Valley, where nearly a third of the population lives under the poverty line and the per capita income ranks among the lowest in the United States. Regardless, the firm asserts that its commitment to a living wage transcends geographic and economic boundaries. This increase in minimum wage testifies to the firm’s commitment to not just uphold, but enhance, the livelihoods of those working under its mantle.

“My political views stand where they are,” Palker continued, “and whether they’re met with agreement or dissent is of no consequence to me. What is crucial is the acknowledgment that hardworking individuals deserve to earn a living wage. They deserve to live without the constant shadow of economic apprehension.”

Palker Law Firm is resolute in its mission to train, grow, and mature all employees, be they entry-level hires or seasoned attorneys, to be integral to its mission: to be the unequivocal best storm damage claim law firm, not just in Texas, but nationwide.

“I am categorically opposed to the concept of enslaving individuals to fulfill our mission,” Palker concluded, “We are here to empower them, and this increase in our minimum wage is another step toward ensuring just that.”

Palker Law Firm is a storm damage insurance claims law firm located in Edinburg, Texas with offices in Houston and South Florida. With millions recovered for clients throughout the state of Texas and Florida, Palker Law Firm continues to stay committed to not only the clients we represent but to making lasting, positive impacts for our community.

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